You Have What It Take!

Good morning and welcome to my thoughts. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and join me!
So many things go wrong in a day. You can plan a million and one scenarios on what you’d do if … it isn’t happening. You are never ready. You can tell yourself you’d this or that but when the time comes for you to take action you either fall on your butt or do something completely different then what you had planned. <laugh> Come on, admit it, you know I’m right! There are certain things you can never get ready for and you’re fooling yourself if you deny that fact.
Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you prepare or try to go with the punches, you fall on your butt and you fall hard. Now, common sense would tell you that it’s difficult or even impossible to be positive and not despair during those hard, painful or discouraging times. Still, it’s at those very moments that inspiration can be the most beneficial. You think I’m crazy don’t you?
Yea, think about it this way. When you cut yourself, your skin heals itself. So, we all have what it takes to survive. We just deny ourselves the credit of being sufficiently smart enough to survive just about anything. Yet, when push comes to shove and you get over your initial state of panic … do you find a way? It may take a little time but there’s always a way. We all possess what we need to survive including the inspiration in the gut of our being. We just choose to ignore it.
There are many things in life that can guide and jazz you up to be inspired. But the truth of the matter is you hold it inside you. Even without any positive help from the outside world, you can tap into that power. Inspiration is a powerful thing. It’s fire inside you that motivates you. <chuckles> Sometimes we just need to light a match under our own butt to get us going in the right direction.
Life is not easy. Sometimes life deals experiences that blow you right out of the water rather than boost or encourage you. But that’s no reason to give up. Listen, I know that it’s easier to believe you don’t have what it takes to make it through. It’s easier to believe the worst in yourself. Trust me I know. I’ve been there more times than a little bit. I also know that the reason why you believe it is because you’re a coward and you don’t want to fight. You don’t think you deserve it. Oh, come on! If you don’t deserve it, who does?
Instead of always depending on everyone or everything to inspire you, choosewhat will be inspiring to you. Decide what inspires you. You are a brilliant, positive source of inspiration. The spark of inspiration has to begin somewhere, so when life means to drop you on your butt again, let that powerful inspiration be your cushion! <chuckles>
The best way to be inspired is to be inspiring. Believe in yourself. Feel proud. Allow yourself to be your own motivation because it will lift you up and those around you. Your smile alone can inspire more than you know.

I Will Survive -- Gloria Gaynor

So, I want you to listen to the anthem of the day. Actually it should be an anthem everyday. But listen and sing at the top of your voice to convince yourself!
Now go on ... smile your way through the day and believe you can survive anything <laughs> and keep on singing!