Diamonds In The Making

Good Morning All!
Welcome to my thoughts. Grab your coffee and sit with me. This morning my thought is short and brilliant! <chuckles>

Has there come a time when you have wished things weren't so difficult all the time? That just once things would be simpler or just simply put: just went your way? Did you ever wish that you could get just one thing without a struggle or battle? I know I have ... and not just once.
Wouldn't it be great if there were some kind of shortcut in life? Kind of like the movie "Click" only with a better ending. A way to get everything you want, be the person you want to be, have the relationships you’d like to have, the perfect job, the house of your dreams, the perfect partner, right now, with no effort. You could lose weight just by thinking about it. Find the perfect partner just sight on scene. Live in a luxurious mansion, travel the world, just by wishing.
That would be great.
Or would it?
The cliche 'be careful what you wish for' is buzzing in my ear right about now.

       Love the ring and love the color!
Love the ring and love the color!
Just to have a moment:
Have you ever put any thought as to why diamonds are so valuable and precious? Because when you think about it for any length of time, as I know most women do because I've often looked at rings and designs trying them on in my mind, that a diamond is a piece of coal that is unrefined. What made it precious and valuable is the stress ii is put under. If diamonds were as common as gravel, they would be virtually worthless and my wish ring over here would look a lot different!
The value of anything worth anything is based on the effort implied and determination put in to getting it.
Life itself is no different. Having the good things in life easily, even if it were possible, would be an empty dream. A life like that would have no value. You tend to take for granted the things you get easily and cherish the things you had to work hard to get. Take for instance a child. Give the child everything it wants and will show no appreciation. Give the child a toy he/she has begged for for months and that toy will be like gold! Even a best friend won't be able to touch that toy.
How many can remember their first car. The first apartment? First house? I remember my apartment and my first couch. Oh lord but it was an ugly couch. But it was mine and I loved it! <laughs>
The prize is in the journey, not the destination. The prize is what you learn from the adventure. Life is about being and growing, not about getting. Be thankful for the challenges. They are what give life its meaning. They give you knowledge, build your wisdom, and the experience you acquire is priceless.
You are a diamond: you are precious in life, your goals, your dreams, what you aspire for, what you become. Put all that together and it becomes a diamond in the making. Like an obstacle course: don't look to take the short cuts, don't miss the process because you will lose the challenge. In the obstacle course of life, you never know what comes through your adventure.

Madona, Kilie Manogue & Marilyn Monroe -- Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

A diamond is a piece of coal that never quit. A diamond deserves the best podium, the best display, and gets noticed. You deserve the best. Don't ever forget that. Don't you ever look for shortcuts. Go through the whole process because you are a diamond being refined and your life is you podium, your display and you will be noticed!
Grab yourself another cup of coffee, listen to my song of the day!Smile and let it shine!I wish you all the finest of days and I'll be seeing tomorrow!
I wish you all the finest of days and I'll be seeing tomorrow!